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The Gateway family is unique. We are incredibly proud of our strong family ethos and we urge people to come and experience the atmosphere for themselves. Our well-structured, disciplined working environment is calm and purposeful ensuring that all students have every opportunity to learn and succeed in all aspects of academy life.

Our highest priority is to provide an outstanding learning environment for all of our students that is underpinned by our values of Responsibility, Resilience, Compassion and Aspiration.Secondly, we consider ourselves “successful” in delivering our mission to the community when people are more informed about resources, services, and options available to their families after engaging with our staff, our families, and our social media. We believe that the most revolutionary thing we can do, besides being an innovative educational program, is to give resources freely and frequently to all families and providers, to grow a more connected community.

We have been congratulated for our outstanding curriculum that is specifically designed to support all of our students to reach their full potential in every aspect of their lives. From Computer Science and Design Technology to Performing Arts and Physical Education, students can develop according to their talents, interests and ambitions.

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15 Students  Monthly
Accounts IGCSE
4.5 (50)
15 Students Monthly
Mathematics IGCSE
4.5 (50)
10 Students Monthly
Biology   IGCSE
4.5 (50)
25 Students Monthly
Computers IGCSE
4.5 (250)
25 Students Monthly
Geography IGCSE
4.5 (25)
25 Students Monthly
English IGCSE
4.5 (s50)
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Personal development is the process of reflecting on your skills and qualities, considering how they relate to your goals in life, and identifying ways to build the strengths you need to succeed. Engaging in the lifelong process of personal growth can pay dividends in your inner life, your family life, your relationships, and in your professional development.

A Gateway Graduate is Aware

  • Considers alternate views and solutions
  • Relies on community for resources
  • Serves the community as a resource
  • Delivers and receives Grace

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The Gateway Academy has at its core the pursuit of the highest standards possible. We believe our students should be responsible, resilient and compassionate. We also believe in high aspirations. Through our extended curriculum our mission is to develop active and thriving citizens and meet the needs to the student as a whole.

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