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Gateway Academy is based in Lesotho that is committed to providing an internationally recognised pre-university education and access to international curriculum, whilst also being an educational resource for the local community. 

As a matter of observation, we are usually drawn or attracted to things which resonate with our purpose. Check this out, Nelson Mandela was a skilful lawyer whose ultimate purpose was to liberate South Africa from her oppressors. Skills are linked to your destiny, which is why you find them attractive to you. Habits are a crucial role player in identifying your purpose. Habits are repeated behaviours which we mechanically recoil back to effortlessly. Habits usually respond to our inner convictions hence we find ourselves doing them over, again and again.

 Our payment plans are structured to our academic cycle depending on your program, our cycle is divided into three months giving us four session per year. Which allows you to check which sessions are up to date in reference to fees.

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Purpose can also be identified through your God given abilities. Your abilities have a telling effect on what you were born to do. It has been established that Lionel Messi, the global football superstar had a unique talent, which made Barcelona to sign him before he was even a teenager. Coach Amato saw a unique boxing ability in a young boxer called Mike Tyson, who eventually captured the imagination of World Boxing. There is always something which you excel at; nurturing that ability will make you a world class person. World class abilities will generate world class revenues for you. Therefore continue to invest more in your abilities as you stretch towards your purpose. This will be achieved through:

  • High quality teaching that deliberately develops competencies of curiosity, creativity, communication and critical-thinking;
  • The development of effective external partnerships for the benefit and wellbeing of our community.
  • An inspiring and meaningful curriculum;
  • The development of productive relationships by instilling the values of compassion, resilience, responsibility and aspiration to prepare our young people for learning and life;

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The Gateway Academy has at its core the pursuit of the highest standards possible. We believe our students should be responsible, resilient and compassionate. We also believe in high aspirations. Through our extended curriculum our mission is to develop active and thriving citizens and meet the needs to the student as a whole.

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